Keeping you in control

Controlling your Internet
What happens if your internet goes down?
We can provide a system which can use the mobile internet to keep you connected until service is resumed. Very handy for when you’re moving offices too. 


Tired of your staff wasting time on the internet or putting you at risk by their visiting inappropriate sites?  We have a simple to implement web filtering solution which allows you to stop all rogue staff behaviour.

Controlling your Email
Uptime for this key business tool goes without saying - our email solution also keeps you in control letting you see all incoming and outgoing emails in your organisation.

Controlling Backups
One of the most key and most troublesome areas of IT support.

Unique to us we can create a live backup of your server - you can see your system working just the way it was - most backups are lucky to even get your system back - let alone exactly as it was.


Consideration is given to keeping your data safe off site as well.


Does anyone check this in your organisation?
Remember an untested backup is no backup at all.

Design your Disaster Plan Today.
What would happen if your server broke down today?

What would happen if there was a fire do you have off-site backups?

Our cloud solution can help!!!

Controlling Workstations
If your machines are slow - or even worse running unsupported Windows XP.


We can provide replacement performant machines.
You can have the latest version of Microsoft Office for a small monthly cost.

We can repair/rebuild any machine which may be a problem. 

We can add controls to your machines to stop people installing software that affects your business.
We ensure all your workstations have Anti Virus and Anti Malware installed on them.




“We offer efficient and cost effective IT support to SME’s within the North West and around Cheshire.”​


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