• Mark Hodgkinson

To the Future with Flash

Adobe Flash’s retirement is a bittersweet moment for many. While the browser plugin was responsible for a huge number of security problems in its later life, it was also used to create some of the most memorable moments on the internet. Fortunately, thanks to projects like BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint and Ruffle, a lot of content has been preserved.

Flash was an accessible creative suite for budding animators and web game developers.

Since so much online nostalgia is trapped in a Flash container, there are a few projects that will allow you to continue to enjoy Flash content even after Adobe has pulled the plug.

The first of these is Flashpoint by Blue Maxima a web game preservation project that supports Flash, Shockwave, Java, Unity Web Player, Silverlight, ActiveX, and HTML5. It’s available in two flavors: a 500MB “Infinity” player that downloads games on the fly, and a giant 500GB+ archive that works offline.

There’s also a project called Ruffle, which attempts

to emulate Flash. It can be run as a standalone application on most major operating systems or as a browser app through the use of the WebAssembly programming language. It’s primarily aimed at website owners who can install it server-side and have their Flash content “just work” natively.

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