• Mark Hodgkinson

Server Revolution - super speed ahead!

We often put a solid state drive (SSD) - to replace a mechanical one in a PC to make it perform much better. If you have an i5 or i3 desktop and it's feeling a bit old this is a cheap - cost effective way of making that hardware feel like new a new PC again.

Unfortunately - if we added a normal SSD drive into a server - it would last about a week and die.

There are special SSD drives available for servers called Enterprise SSD but as you've already guessed - they are rather pricey ..... but not any longer for us!

We can now source Enterprise SSD drives at reasonable cost (2TB for £500+VAT) and when put into a resilient array of disks you can have safe, super slick performance on your server for a fraction of the cost!

File Servers in most cases are probably OK on mechanical disks BUT if you have any kind of Database Server or a lot of users - this could really make a difference for you!

Real world - how much faster are we going to see - well see the video's attached to get a real feel but here are some figures for you!

Boot times on HP G8 Servers - both with similar spec!

Server 2012 - Mechanical Disk 24-25 seconds click on the link if you really want to watch :->

Server 2012 - Enterprise SSD half the time at only 12 seconds approx.

Server 2012 - Mechanical Disk logging in to Server Manager - 14 seconds

Server 2012 - Enterprise SSD logging in to Server Manager - 5 seconds - watch how nippy the server is!

And from disk performance stats.

Pay attention to the IOPS and Read and Write speed really

Server 2012 - mechanical Disks

Server 2012 - Enterprise SSD Disks

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