• Mark Hodgkinson

Log on Banners for your Business Security and Compliance!

There are probably a plethora of business policies in your organisation, but it's important to ensure that staff are reminded of the relevant ones every time they log onto your systems & that they should treat them and your data with respect.

Although it won't keep the bad guys out, having a banner like this is also like having a 'No Trespass' or 'Beware of the Dog' sign on your property. Without it - it is an invite for strangers to do what they want, especially when it comes to brute force hacking attacks.

A welcome banner on your PC (router, server etc) is the best way to set these rules and reminders.

Follow our step by step guide on how to add a Login Banner via the Registry.

[As you really shouldn’t be using older operating systems this article is purely for Windows 10].

To start, search for regedit from the Start Menu. Once the Registry Editor opens, navigate to the following location (if you don’t see these keys in your registry hierarchy you can create them).


You should see "legalnoticecaption" and "legalnoticetext" as per the below image, BUT if they’re not there we can add them easily. With System selected on the left, right-click in an empty section of the right window and select New and then String. Name this value “legalnoticecaption”. Repeat to create a second String Value and name it "legalnoticetext".


Now double-click on each entry and add your desired login message to the Value Data box. The “legalnoticecaption” is where you’ll enter the login message title – maybe your company name and “legalnoticetext” is for the login message itself – “Actions may be recorded on this system”. See our more advanced example below.

Once you’ve edited both values with your desired login message title and text, save any other open work and reboot your PC. When you reboot and dismiss the lock screen, you should see your login message before you’re able to enter your account password and log into Windows.

To remove your Windows 10 login message, repeat the steps to return to the same registry location and either delete the strings you created or edit them both and remove the text from their Value data fields.

For a more detailed logon and applying to all machines in your organisation automatically, along with Win 10 upgrades - please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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