• Mark Hodgkinson

It’s all about YOU landing in the INBOX!!

Are your emails going to SPAM? Are you at risk of being SPOOFED?

Mailbox photo by mikaela_wiedenhoff on Unsplash

Nowadays, the winning email is that one that lands in “The Inbox” and not in Junk or SPAM. It’s not just about your direct marketing, it's also your invoices, quotes, first-contact and even a simple reply that can end up in the junk!

And that does you no good.

It’s all too common to be (SPOOFED) and have people steal money from clients using altered bank details in emails pretending to have come from you!​​

Services like "Mail Chimp" and "Constant Contact", if not configured properly can even make the situation worse for your one-to-one emails. The damage to your reputation could be huge - but it is possible to protect your staff, current customer base and new customers by getting this right.

The expertise to combat this sits somewhere in the grey area between Email, DNS, Web Development, Data Analytics and SEO but it lies in the cracks between each.

And this is why it has been so long unaddressed – until now!

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'Always Be Delivered' is a popular service we offer and includes regular quantifiable reports (see below) showing you what's happening in your email world.

This technology requires constant monitoring, skill and attention to keep you ahead of the game and delivered - Into the Inbox.

Some techy bonus info…. [Email services like GMAIL, etc are very insistent that the records we deal with here - SPF, DKIM and DMARC are programmed otherwise you won't get past their SPAM filters - our service helps to tune these and ensure they are correct. Going from as low as 20% chance of delivery to 90%].

Below - Deliverability score to specific 'testing' Inbox Providers.​​

Below - Black List and Reputation monitoring.

Below - Weekly Email Volume reports show general health and how many threats are being dealt with, giving us more insight into email deliverability.

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