• Mark Hodgkinson

Capturing your Screen - or just a bit of it!

Updated: Jun 15

One of the most useful things you need to do sometimes on your PC is capture the screen. Most people are familiar with CTRL + ALT + PRT SRN to capture their current open window or simply PRT SRN to capture the whole screen, but what if you need a little more flexibility?

Windows Snipping tool has all the options you need. It can capture the full screen down to small areas or snips.

Simply press the Windows Key + Shift + S (Windows 10) all at the same time on your keyboard, and voila' - the snipping tool will open at the top of the screen with a selection of options available to you.

Simply select the snip option you need:

  • Rectangular Snip - as the name suggests this 'straight lines' tool will snip around any rectangular / square / straight shapes.

  • Freeform Snip - free style to capture any areas.

  • Window Snip - captures your current window.

  • Full screen Snip - snips it all!

Select the option you want to use and "snip away" .

The image as always is stored to your clipboard ready to be pasted. You can then paste your snips by using Ctrl + V or right click your mouse and chose paste


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