• Mark Hodgkinson

Auto Dial your Works VPN

One less job to get in the way of your coffee in the morning is if your works VPN could dial itself!

Well here's how: -

1 - We'll assume you have your standard Windows VPN connection all set up and working - just a pain you have to click on it!

2. You need to create/write a batch file - to do this - Open a Notepad session * and paste into it the following code: -

c:windowssystem32rasdial.exe YourConnectionName YourUsername YourPassword

You may need to put in quotes of the three variables which has a space. And you should have an encyrpted machine as your password would be in cleartext in the batch file! Another subject.

3. Save the Notepad file and Exit - change the .txt extension to .bat (you may have to use the View button and show extensions to do this).

4. - Test the batch file dials your VPN -[TIP] - put the command pause at the end of the command line to see any errors it might have when it runs].

5. Windows and R again - type shell:startup and but your batch file in this location to make it execute as soon as you login!


* - Windows Key and R - type Notepad and press Enter

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