Our Hybrid Cloud Solution

We can provide you with a cloud-based collaboration and document management platform that integrates with Microsoft Office 365’s productivity stack.

We're proud to say that some of these solutions are unique to us, and developed in house by our qualified team.

Keeping your data in the digital world is simply not easy - at its simplest level -

think moon landing tapes form the 70's gone, Egyptian Papyrus - still readable!

Just having a server on site is not ideal in today's world.  It's an electrical appliance and it will fail at some point.

With our support you can leverage 90% of the advantages of the cloud for 10% of the cost and still have your data local to site.


Make use of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of available IT infrastructure investment made by Microsoft etc rather than rely on the small investment most small businesses have to live with - effectively trusting to luck.

Controlling the borders of your data can be difficult too - for example managing email can be troublesome and traumatic - knowing what people are doing on your behalf or what information they are sending is a real issue we can resolve.

We describe these overall solutions as our 'Hybrid Cloud'.

" We highly recommend Mark and his team at Aspire. They have taken us onto the next level in terms of our IT platform. Aspire are an important part of our business and we look forward to a long and lengthy partnership with them."


Client in  Prestwich