Using a local server is not ideal in today's world.  


Wouldn't it be better to leverage £100's of thousands of infrastructure than maybe £2-3000. 

This kind of infrastructure comes at a cost - what if it could be done for minimal cost by leveraging cloud services and creating a hybrid of the two - 90% of the functionality and 10% of the cost!

Hybrid Cloud?


Via Microsoft we can provide you with a  cloud-based collaboration and document management platform that integrates with Microsoft Office 365’s productivity stack. Our hybrid solution is built to:

  • Store files and put version control restrictions in place

  • Allow files to be shared externally and securely

  • Manage content through the use of libraries, lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies

  • Provides team sites to organise, collaborate on content, data, and share news on the same page

  • Be accessible on mobile devices using the SharePoint mobile app

  • Automate business processes with alerts and workflows when it comes to document management

  • Make documents easily searchable

  • Provide advanced data-loss prevention (DLP) to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information.


Key differences between using a Hybrid Solution and just a File Server


  • Anywhere access

  • Share files externally securely.

  • Easily store files and put version control restrictions in place

  • Powerful and easy search options

  • Easy online organisation, collaboration and sharing

  • Check-in / check-out

  • You can’t just delete a file

  • Not prone to crypto locker viruses

  • Advanced data-loss prevention and backup retrieval

  • Retrieve a backup with a click

  • Automate document management and business processes

  • No infrastructure costs


Disadvantages (Normally).

  • You still need backups.  (Provided in our support).

  • Additional security on Office 365 needs to be implemented.  (We do by default).

  • Requires training and discipline from employees to use the way it was intended.  You can take this a very long way!


Compounding the above the disadvantages of a normal file server are: -


  • Poor Search Tools

  • You don’t know a document has changed or has been deleted until you look for it

  • Sharing with the outside world, users end up using DropBox or OneDrive



On top of this


Have all your desktop files and your Documents available on any desktop in the world - imagine if your laptop failed - you could re-enter your user account details and almost immediately your desktop and files would re-appear again!  Never lose a file!



  • File shares on file servers are very old hat now - we can do better.

  • Backup your Desktop/Documents and Pictures automatically on your local PC.

  • Capture every email which goes in and out of your company.  Gain visibility - control where your data goes. HR!

  • Snapshot your servers you do need on site so you never become a green fields site!

  • Test & Check your Backups!

  • Store a copy of your server off-site!

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