Keeping your data in the digital world is simply not easy!

At it's simplest level - think 70's moon tapes gone - Egyptian papyrus - still readable.

Just having a server on site is not totally ideal in today's world.  It's an electrical appliance and it will fail at some point.

Through us - you can leverage 90% of the advantages of the cloud for 10% of the cost and have your data local to site! 


Make use of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of IT Infrastructure rather than the small investment most small businesses have - effectively trusting to luck.

Managing email is also a nightmare - knowing what people are doing on your behalf (or information they are sending) is a real issue.

We describe this solution as our 'Hybrid Cloud'.


We're proud to say some of these solutions are unique to us!


File shares on file servers are very old hat now - we can do better.

Backup your Desktop/Documents and Pictures automatically on your local PC.

Capture every email which goes in and out of your company.  Gain visibility - control where your data goes. HR!

Snapshot your servers you do need on site so you never become a green fields site!

Test & Check your Backups!

Store a copy of your server off-site!

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