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Some areas of IT are so close to the operation of your business we deem it to be the engine room!

As such - we hit areas - not so much of accounting and legals as such but certainly of HR and GDPR - we have advisors tied with us who can assist you here and who have helped tailor our offerings to help make us truly unique and informed!

With over 20 years of experience in the HR field - please meet Sue Love  - the benefit of your HR professional being outsourced is that you end up paying less per year for a Senior professional  (and that includes your indemnity insurance costs). Unless you have a large organisation, you will find yourself having to find other tasks for an in-house HR professional to complete in order to keep them busy so better to pay for just what you need.  Email here - to reduce the cost of your HR and protect yourself and your staff.

GDPR is not an issue going away - even with Brexit.


DID YOU KNOW - there is a forthcoming GDPR Certification Scheme!


If you have any dealing with Europe or companies who deal with Europe - this has implications for you - contact our GDPR consultant Stuart Davenport at

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